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Sustainability Awareness Training

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Systems Thinking View of Climate Change, Environmental Protection & Social Equity

We are attempting to put together a program looking at Climate Change, Environmental Protection & Social Equity using the principles of Systems Thinking & using the principles of “Theory U”. Theory U was conceptualized by Otto Scharmer of MIT. Details on Theory U can be found at the Presencing Institute’s website : & also in a course offered by edX titled “U.Lab : Leading from the Emergent Future”. The salient features of the initiative are given in the attached documents. We invite those with a passion & commitment to this topic to , collaborate with us. Please drop an email on to express your interest, along with details of the work that you do and what motivates you to be part of this project.


There is no upcoming event, Please check back here for upcoming events!

  • Online Six Sigma Training – 13th & 14th April, 2020.
  • Presentation to PRATYeK team on Environmental Sustainability on 25th August, 2021.

  • Panel Discussion at NITIE, Mumbai on 14th August, 2021 on Building Sustainability Strategies.

  • Circular Economy Workshop Participation – Jan, 2019 (Organized by NITIE, ekonnect & BCCI)
  • Chief Sustainability Officers’ Forum – June, 2019 (organized by BCCI)
  • Participated in a Panel Discussion on “Governments, non-governments, or Corporations – Who leads the path to a sustainable future?”, March 2018 -(organized by NITIE)


  • IIM, Lucknow
  • NITIE, Mumbai