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Chartered Engineer & Valuation Services

Engineering Project Consulting Services, Project Reports, Valuation Services.

Project Management

We have hands-on experience in leading projects in the chemical industry, and can assist companies in all areas related to project management.

Data Analysis, Business Transformation & Digitization

We have wide ranging expertise in conceptualizing and execution of Process Excellence, Customer-centricity, Digitization & Business Transformation initiatives in the Business Process Outsourcing, Financial Services, Telecom & Retail industries. Some of the work done by us has been recognized as path breaking within the organizations in which they were done. 

We offer training programmes on Six Sigma, Lean, Data Analysis & Problem-Solving Approaches, Voice of the Customer, Design For Six Sigma, Reliability, Business Process Management Systems and Change Management; & also provide organizations with mentoring and execution support.

We strive to help organizations build a culture and capabilities that are based around customer-centricity, innovation, and data-centered problem solving.

Manufacturing Excellence

We have also worked for several years in the Production, Sourcing & Project functions at some of the leading organizations in the Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Polymer Processing sectors in India and abroad, & in implementation of World-Class Manufacturing frameworks; and can assist companies in their Manufacturing Excellence initiatives.

Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

We draw upon our individual experiences in driving sustainability initiatives in organizations & our prior experience across a wide range of industries in order to provide insights and help develop programs that can have a positive impact on issues that matter today: environmental degradation, conservation of natural resources, social inequity, & sustainable development. We believe that it is important to leverage contemporary knowledge & technology in order to provide solutions that can scale & have the necessary impact. Our extensive hands-on implementation experience allows us to understand issues related to execution, & therefore to take them into consideration to ensure good on-the-ground execution.

Our services encompass formulation of sustainability strategy, program management, execution support, training & capacity building, monitoring and reporting. These help organizations with climate change adaptation, reducing risk, managing stakeholders effectively, & improving competitiveness.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We help organizations draw up their corporate social responsibility strategy and programs, help develop employee volunteering initiatives, provide program management services and help assess the impact that these have had on communities. We also help them with conducting NGO due diligence, identifying community needs, community engagement, evaluation and monitoring of CSR initiatives, & CSR reporting.

Technology Development

We assist organizations in development of their Technology Landscape, identification of Partners, and work with them to ensure implementation of the Technology Roadmap. 

We also partner with other organizations to develop technology pertaining to various activities permitted under Schedule VII of The Companies Act, 2013 in order to assist companies with their Sustainability & CSR initiatives.

Lean Start-up

We assist Start-up’s through the Lean Start-up approach, which is based on the tenets of quickly learning what works & what does not work, and iterating the business model based on these learnings. The objective is to ensure that Start-up’s are enabled to win in the market-place, & yet not have cash flow problems.

Mentoring Support

We work with Educational Institutes, Non Governmental Organizations, & Students to provide mentoring support in all areas related to our expertise. We also provide students with internship opportunities in areas of mutual interest.

I-NCUBATE (Gopalakrishnan-Deshpande Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IIT Madras – Cohort 5)

Environmental Law

Our focus is on helping organizations understand the environmental & human rights law landscape, and ensuring that they are compliant with the applicable laws. We provide training programs & workshops on the subject as well; besides help conduct environmental due diligence and environment impact assessments.

Training and Workshops

We conduct training & Workshops that help organizations to develop internal capabilities around the topic. These can be customized based on discussions with the concerned organizations. Our workshops are both around the technical content of the topics being offered, as well as those required around strategy and change management, in order to successfully embed the initiatives within the organization.

Lean Start-up

Positive Psychology

Sustainability Awareness Training

CSR Program Formulation, Evaluation & Reporting

Introduction to Climate Change

Six Sigma Training & Mentoring Programs

  • Master Black Belt Training & Certification
  • Black Belt Training & Certification
  • Green Belt Training & Certification
  • Business Process Management Systems Training
  • Design For Six Sigma Training
  • Voice of the Customer Training

Project Management Training